Bitcoin order book explained

bitcoin order book explained

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A tool that visualizes a real-time list of outstanding orders for a particular asset, order books represent the interests of buyers and sellers. An order book, essentially, is a list of current buy orders (also known as �bids�) and sell orders (also known as �asks�) for a specific asset. Order books show. An order book lists buy and sell orders investors have made for a crypto asset on a centralized exchange. The numbers table contains information.
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The book is often accompanied by a candlestick chart , which provides useful information about the current and past state of the market. A cluster of large buy orders at a specific price may indicate a level of support, while an abundance of sell orders at or near one price may suggest an area of resistance. Buy and sell information may appear on the top and bottom, or on the left and right side of the screen. The order book helps traders make more informed trading decisions.